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Global Pathology Workforce Capacity Survey

Mon 05, Feb 2018

The African Strategies for Advancing Pathology(ASAP) are focused on studying and promoting the work of pathologists in Africa and a current project they are undertaking is  focused on better understanding the geographical spread of pathologists in Africa.

Specifically, this project proposes to map the pathology workforce capacity for cancer care across low and middle income countries (LMIC’s). While ASAP typically focuses on work specifically within the African continent, Africa is part of the global community and should adapt to international norms and standards to promote health. For this project, pathologists across LMIC’s, including those in Africa, will be surveyed and the results will be mapped using a GIS platform to create an interactive map showing resources for cancer care. The goal of this project is to start the process of measuring the global pathology workforce in support of cancer care, helping to establish international benchmarks and reference points for workforce capacity in comparing past to present data.

ASAP recognizes the fundamental gap in data on workforce capacity for pathology services and the critical role of closing this gap to understand capacity building for pathology services.

Please click the below link if you would like to participate.




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