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A message from the President

The end of daylight saving means that we are heading towards the winter months and the 34th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Division, IAP.

The themes of this year's meeting will be testicular and soft tissue tumours and our invited speakers are renowned authorities in their respective fields.

The keynote speaker for Saturday's program will be Professor John R Srigley, from McMaster University, Ontario, Canada. Professor Srigley is a member of the WHO testicular and renal tumour classification panels and is currently President of the International Society of Urological Pathology. He has published widely in the field of genitourinary pathology and is co-author of the AFIP fascicle on tumours of the male genital system. For the Saturday program Professor Srigley will focus on the pathology of the testicular neoplasms and tumour-like conditions of the testis.

Sunday's program will feature Professor Christopher D Fletcher of Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA. Professor Fletcher, who needs no introduction to members of the Division having previously participated in our annual meeting some twelve years ago, will give presentations on the vexing topic of behaviour prediction in soft tissue tumours, as well as a detailed discussion of haemangiopericytoma. As has become customary for our scientific meeting, both speakers will also present slide seminars designed to give a comprehensive insight into recent developments in their respective topics.

The Grey-Green lecture series, which was established as an educational resource for pathologists-in-training, will continue this year, with presentations on liver biopsy pathology, lymphoma and human parasitology by three well-known local speakers. In the past this lecture series has been restricted to trainees only, however, in response to numerous requests and recognising the important educational value of the topics, this years' lectures will be open to all registrants. 

The Vincent McGovern Memorial Lecture this year will be held on Saturday, immediately prior to the presentation of awards ceremony. The 2009 lecture will be presented by Professor Doug Henderson who will speak on problematic pleural pathology.

Antonio Llombart Bosch presenting Konrad Muller, President of the IAP with the gold medal of the IAP for distinguished service to the Academy.

On Friday, thirteen Companion Clubs will meet and will again offer a wide variety of material, with a mixture of lecture-type presentations and case based seminars. As an added bonus the Soft Tissue Tumours and Bone Companion Club meeting will include a lecture by Professor Fletcher on the role of molecular genetics in the diagnosis of soft tissue tumours.

An additional keynote lecture is planned for the program on Friday, with Professor Srigley speaking on standardised synoptic reporting. Many of you will be aware that the RCPA, in conjunction with Cancer Australia and The Cancer Institute of New South Wales, have formed the National Round Table for Structured Pathology Reporting of Cancer. This has been tasked with developing a series of templates for synoptic reporting of tumours which will be launched later this year. The introduction of synoptic reporting in Australia parallels activity in the United States and Canada, where synoptic reporting has been introduced for a wide variety of tumour types. In Canada synoptic reporting standards for common diseases have been implemented in the Province of Ontario, and are now being introduced on a national basis. For both the Ontario and national projects, Professor Srigley has had the role of Clinical Lead, and in his keynote address he will share his experiences with us.

Plan to attend the 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting – I look forward to seeing you there.

Brett Delahunt



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Report on the XXVIIth International Congress - Athens (12th - 17th October 2008).

Report on the XXVIIth International congress held in Athens October 12th to 17th 2008.

The congress was attended by a record number of delegates, including many members of the Australasian Division, and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone that I talked to. Once again it was a chance to meet up with colleagues, both from our own countries and from the rest of the world, to exchange scientific knowledge, to gossip, and to socialize.

Athens, still looking very spruced up after the Olympic Games, and with scaffolding limited only to buildings on the Acropolis, gave us, in perfect weather, the opportunity to enjoy the historic sites and many other offerings of the city, as well as the hospitality of the pathologists of Greece.

The congress organizer was George Kontogeorgos, who oversaw a high quality and well-organised scientific programme. Remarkably George not only married just a few months before the meeting, but was also the composer of some excellent classical music, performed at a concert which was a highlight social event of the congress.

The format of the conference was similar to that seen in previous years with numerous symposia, slide seminars and short courses. The 2 long courses were in gynaecological pathology and haematopathology. The latter provided a very good overview of the very recent update of the WHO classification of lymphoma.

Members of the Australasian Division made a significant contribution to the scientific programme.

The congress was held at the close of the presidential tenure of our very own Kon Muller.
Members of the Division were well represented among the session organizers who included Sunil Lakhani, Robin Cooke, and CW Chou.

The speakers including, but not limited to, Andrew Clouston, Tony Leong, Jane Dahlstrom, Hema Samaratunga, Brett Delahunt, Doug Henderson, and Richard Scolyer.

Two of the five formal Congress invited lectures were given by Australians:

  • Robin Warren (Noble Laureate in 2006) gave a keynote lecture entitled 'Helicobacter pylori – the ease and difficulty of a new discovery'.
  • Robin Cooke gave the opening lecture 'Pathology in Greek mythology.'

Now is the time to start planning your attendances at Sao Paolo, Brazil (2110), Capetown, South Africa (2012) and Bangkok Thailand (2114).

Bob Eckstein
Vice president for S E Asia



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ASM Gallery 2008

Roma Cooke, Alfred Lam, Kamal Sengupta, CW Chow

Hwee Sin Chong, Alexandra Currie, Ming Yu.

Ian Brown, Nicola and Norman Carr, Gordon Harloe

Fiona McLean and Dianne Little

Helen Clarke, Cynrie Temple-Camp and Louise Tie

Andrew Clouston, Neal Walker, Zachary Goodman, Prithi Bhathal, , Bastiaan De Boer

Andrew Tie and Andrew Churg

Lydia Ng, Mariusa Kulik, Reimar Junckerstorff, Connull Leslie

Standing Ester Myint, Merke Greenberg, Louella Davey, Sitting Jill Griffith, Marianne Kube, Rehab Fadag

Standing Colin Arnold, Heok P'ng, Sitting Kayla Tran, Meena Shingde, Hwei-Choo Soh



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IAP ASM 2009


34th Annual Scientific Meeting
of the Australasian Division of the International Academy of Pathology Limited

Date: June 12-14, 2009
Venue: Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, NSW, Australia

Testis - Presenter John Srigley, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
Soft Tissue - Presenter, Christopher Fletcher, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA

Further information:
Tel: 61-2 8356 5898




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